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Meet Greg

Greg Foster (r) in 2018 with Andy Card, former Chief of Staff for George W. Bush

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Greg Foster, and I am running to be our next State Representative here in Raymond, Casco, and Poland.  Born in Bangor, I am a life-long Mainer that grew up in Gray.  From my parents, I learned Maine values, such as hard work, rugged self-reliance, and a compassion for helping neighbors in need. Maine is a great state to live in, arguably the best in the nation.  From the ocean shore to hills and mountains, it is also blessed with extensive forests and dotted with lakes, ponds, streams and rivers.  Fields, farms and agricultural cropland enhance the rural character of this wonderful state.

Licensed as a professional forester, this profession has kept me “in the woods” so to speak, for nearly forty years. My expertise in this field is dealing with private forest land owners in all aspects of managing their forest property.  In general, these forest landowners have been doing a great job of managing and keeping their forests growing and accessible.  A result of their ownership attitude has helped maintain Maine’s natural resources.  These resources attract a host of economic amenities, including tourists, hunting, fishing, boating and hiking.

The quality of life and the environment that surrounds us is dependent on a healthy business climate.  Forest landowners can afford to own their property if they have good markets to sell their timber, and a property tax system that is not confiscatory.

My attitude about maintaining a positive business climate is to continue supporting business friendly policies.  Describing a robust economy, Ronald Reagan said “a rising tide lifts all boats”.  A good rule of thumb is the more money that is kept in or returned to the private sector, the higher the tide will lift all the boats.  Maintaining a healthy economy sustains the natural resources that make the state of Maine outstanding.


Community Service

Conservation Commission, past member Ordinance Review Committee, to implement Raymond’s second Comprehensive plan Comprehensive Plan Committee, past member of most recent and 3rd Comprehensive plan Planning Board, current member and past member Election Clerk

Professional Affiliations

Member, Maine Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters, past chairman Member of the Maine Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, past executive board treasurer Member, Maine Forest Products Council, past board of director’s member Tree Farm Inspector Member of Maine Woodland Owners Life Member National Rifle Association


I look forward to meeting you, and would greatly appreciate your calls, emails, or letters.  In November, I would be humbled to receive your vote, and honored with your support.

Gregory E. Foster

Republican Candidate for House representative District # 66
29 Ledge Hill Road
Raymond, Maine 04071

Autobiography of Greg Foster

I was born in Bangor Maine in 1956.  In 1961, my parents moved to Gray, where I grew up and attended school in the Gray-New Gloucester school administrative district.  We lived near Gray center on route 26, Shaker Road, where I had many friends. 

Our property was large enough, that we could have a large garden behind the house. My three brothers and I learned how to plant, nurture, and sell vegetables at our little garden stand.  What a great experience at a young age, to learn how to meet people, handle money, and reap the benefits of work. 

Back in the days when newspapers were delivered by local residents, my brothers and I also delivered them.  The Portland Press Herald, the Portland Evening express and the Lewiston Daily Sun were the three newspaper routes we had for many years.  I still have the customer log from the 1960’s for the Daily Sun.

Mowing lawns, and painting houses were typical jobs my brothers and I did during the summer.  In the fall and winter seasons we cut firewood on one of several forest properties my parents owned.  Some of the firewood we sold, and some we burned in our home.

My parents also purchased four nearby homes, renovated them into apartments and provided rentals for people.  Dealing with renters and maintaining those older homes became part of my life experience.  In my middle teens, my younger brothers continued the vegetable stand and I went to work for a local carpenter. 

Long before high school graduation, my desire was to pursue the same profession as my dad.  After graduating from Gray New Gloucester High School, I entered the University of Maine at Orono to study Forestry.  After college graduation in 1979, I became employed by the Maine Forest Service.  For about five years, I served in various capacities as a Forest Technician, A State Service Forester, and a Utilization Forester.  In the 1980’s the state service forestry program was a model that other states duplicated.  It provided great training for a young forester, and I was fortunate that I got that experience which included involvement with the spruce budworm and gypsy moth spray program. 

My next employer was Hancock Lumber in Casco.  In 1986, they owned about 12,000 acres of forest land, for which I was hired to manage.  Administering timber sales, maintaining a forest timber inventory, and buying white pine Sawlogs were my main duties at Hancock.  When you work for a mill, you also get to spend time laboring in the mill, which I got to do.  This was a great job, not far from a forest property I purchased in Raymond. 

Before leaving Hancock lumber, I took advantage of my job resources and build my home on the forest property in Raymond.  Although it is not completely done, I get to see my own work and the work of my brothers every time I go home.

For a short time, I worked for a consulting forester in Windham at a time when things were a little slow in the forestry world.  Because of the limited amount of work as a consultant, I chose to take a job with LaValley Lumber in Sanford.  By then I was married and my wife was carrying my daughter.  For LaValley Lumber, my primary job was the organized purchase of white pine Sawlogs for the mill.

Meanwhile, back in Gray Maine, my dad had retired from the Maine Forest service and continued in his profession by providing consulting forestry for private landowners.  As business grew, he invited me to join him in this business.  In 1994, we formed Timberstate G. Inc., and I became employed by my own business.  To date, Timberstate G. Inc. has developed a large client base and continues to offer the same forestry services as we did on day one. 

In the March of 2016, we decided to hire an employee.  Training a newly graduated forester is a challenge to a business mainly run by one person.  It takes several months before the forester becomes efficient at timber marking, which is where most of my company earns its money.  It takes at least three years of training and experience to conduct all aspects of doing this business. 

It was with great pleasure that my employee met all the qualifications to become a State of Maine Licensed Professional Forester.  Without this person, the ability of me to run for the legislature and run my business would have been extremely difficult.  It is interesting how our good Lord can make things fall together.













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